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Counting calories?

Counting calories..


A few days ago, I downloaded the Lose It app on my iPhone. After reading a few articles online, I was curious if I was getting ‘enough’ calories to give myself the best chance of running to my full potential. After filling out a few online calculators from RunnersWorld and other sports oriented websites, I found the general calorie count for my age / activity level / weight, etc.. was anywhere from 2,200 to 2,700 calories a day – before factoring in my workouts.

So, the last 3, going on 4, days – I’ve been tracking everything I eat. My results have been interesting thus far. I’ve made sure to eat like I normally would – and just get a general idea of what my habits are. First day, with a shorter run – I was about 500 calories ‘short.’ I’m told that I should be at 2,200 calories before working out (I like this – as the 2,700 seems way too high).. Now, the next day – I was about 350 calories over.. and this was with another 750 calories burned working out. I ate at Subway sandwich for lunch, with some cereal and eggs for breakfast.. then, the kicker was my SmashBurger and fries for supper. Well, this isn’t out of the ordinary. I don’t care about eating a burger from time to time. I love it – and I plan to continue to enjoy such things in moderation. What had me floored was the fat I took in that day.. 120 grams! YIKES! I had no idea I could ever get that high.. that was off the charts. But, in retrospect – that day was nothing too crazy.. Our bodies burn fat and use it as a fuel.. I’m ok with this. The next day, I had 56 grams of fat.

I plan on continuing to chart my nutrition. It’s given me a good idea on what I need to do to improve my diet – but more importantly, it’s making me realize that I’m doing pretty good as is.. I eat vegetables, fruits, grains – and this app shows I’m getting a good ratio to what’s recommended as far as protein / fat / carb percentages.

The moral – I’m a runner.. I run a lot.. I’m going to keep enjoying food – and don’t plan on giving it up any time soon 🙂








“The marathon can humble you.” – Bill Rodgers

I don’t know if this quote holds more true to anyone than me. I started running about 7 years ago, and ran my first marathon a year later. I use the term ran loosely in this case. I jogged about a dozen miles, then struggled and crawled about 14 more to the finish line. This situation would repeat itself a few more times over the next couple years. I’d train and run and get myself confident that I was ready, only to come up hobbling at mile 17-21 or so.

What was hard to explain at the time was why would I ever want to subject myself to the pain and downright frustration of this.. You’d think after pulling up with leg cramps, heat exhaustion or just from being too tired to care – time and time again, I’d say to heck with it. 

I almost did.. Why didn’t i? Boston.. The Boston Marathon. Almost all marathoners strive to get their coveted BQ time and a chance to line up in Hopkinton for the fabled race. I’d seen my brother and my best friend both qualify and run Boston. I’d heard stories from teammates and other runners about their experiences on this hallowed course. 

I finally, after 14 tries, got thru to a BQ.. a disciplined race approach, a strong buildup and the company of my best friend during the race got me a 3:06 and a chance to run in 2015.

So, why is this a big deal? I didn’t give up.. I tried and tried- persevered and overcame a lot of struggles (mental and physical) to prove to myself that I had this in me. I’m starting a new chapter in my life as a runner.. And I couldn’t be more excited. 

as far as I’m concerned, Boston 2015 – the countdown is on!

New beginnings

excited to start up my new life as a blogger.. running lots of miles thru cold, snow, wind and even some hot muggy summer days, I’ve got lots of experiences to share and insights to offer on racing, training, balancing life with running obligations and offering my own reviews on running gear / shoes.

As a recent boston marathon qualifier, this next year promises to be exciting and full of racing, training and overcoming obstacles. Let’s see what happens!