Product review – Surpah’s Digital Body Fat Scale



I was recently sent a new digital scale from Surpah’s for use in my training. In all the years I’ve been running, keeping accurate record of my weight was never a big concern. Most scales I’ve used or have looked at were either too bulky, too expensive or questionable when it came to accuracy and reliability.
Immediately after receiving the scale – I was impressed with its ease of use. The scale is ready to use right out of the box. It’s light weight, and sleek looking. I chose the black model (they also offer a white version).
You can literally set the scale on the floor, turn it on, step on it and get an accurate reading of your weight. And, with a few easy entries, you can set up a user profile by entering in your height, age, gender and selecting your activity level. This preset allows you to keep a history of your entries along with allowing the scale to take additional readings such as body mass, body fat, total body water, muscle mass, and bone mass.
I’ve enjoyed using the scale before and after my morning runs. It’s allowed me to get an accurate reading of the fluids I lose during a run – and helps me plan for hydration during my workouts.
The scale allows you to set up to 8 preset profiles – so each member of the household can enter in their info and select their profile for an easy, accurate reading at each use. Plus, the LED screen is bright and easy to read – and the buttons on the scale are very easy to use (I can tap them with my toe before stepping on the scale).
The scale retails for around $80 – but you can purchase it off of Amazon for $38.98 – well worth the price for an accurate, easy to use and stylish scale… in fact, it looks so nice, I keep mine in my living room.


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