Going Keto

The last 8+ years of my life has, in many ways, been a pretty predictable cycle – with 2 of the main components being running and eating. The 2 go hand in hand. Running leads to eating, and vice versa.. I ran and after a while I began to enjoy it (it wasn’t love at first run, by any means..) But running got me to appreciate the benefits that come with it – such as losing a little weight, staying in good shape and .. EATING! Oh, how I love to eat… Let me count the ways. Breads, cereals, burgers, cookies, ice cream, French fries.. Then the more nutritious things I learned to love – bananas, apples, veggies (like carrots, broccoli, potatoes).. Yogurt, chocolate milk… oh the list could go on and on.. BUT – starting Monday, that all ends.

Jon’s going Keto… kicking the carbs… gonna go for the fat!!! And lots of it..

There has long been the notion that an athlete, especially an endurance athlete, NEEDS lots and lots of carbs.. Carbs are good, carbs are what fuel our bodies. Carbs are quickly processed and metabolized and lead to quick and reliable energy when we need it most. Well, that’s all fine and dandy. There’s nothing wrong, per se, with carbohydrates. I’ve grown to love them -and I know LOTS of athletes who are perfectly healthy and eat tons of them. My diet over the last few years has been a consistent ratio of about 50-60% carbs, about 20-30% fat and roughly 20% protein.

The whole idea of ketosis revolves around depleting the body of sugars (carbohydrates) and thus forcing the body to rely upon fat stores for energy. The change and conversion is supposed to equal to a much more efficient and longer lasting source of energy.. Stories of athletes going for 100 mile bike rides without needing to take in anything but water had me intrigued. There are testimonials from students of Dr. Maffetone who kicked carbohydrates almost completely – and along with a strict training regimen were able to see drastic drops in their race times. Once in ketosis, people have also reported better mental focus and energy throughout the day, and also report losing the desire or need to snack between meals.. Snacking has been a way of life for me over the last 8 years.. so this is just crazy sounding.. If I’m running upwards of 70+ miles a week, how could that be?

Well, after racing a half marathon this weekend, I’m taking the plunge… I’m joining my good friends Ryan and Josh (both of whom started the diet and have nothing but great things to say).. I’ve done my grocery shopping for the first week. Lots of meats (roasts, fish like tuna and salmon, chicken with the skin, eggs and more eggs, cheese – which I don’t like, but may have to develop a taste for.. sausage, bacon, olive oil…. you get the idea)..

I will be cherishing the carbs I eat this weekend. Every piece of bread, every spoonful of cereal.. my favorite treat – the ice cream cone…. sigh. I have promised myself I’d try this for 2 weeks.. more than enough time for my body to enter into ketosis and possibly change my life… haha. We shall see…

More to come soon….


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