Day one

Day one, in the books.. Nothing extraordinary, but a few discoveries and thoughts..

I’m a snacker. I snack. I look for handfuls of things like chips, cereal, crackers… and that’s where a decent % of my calories have come from. I can’t help it.. Or, I couldn’t help it.

Today, my first day of keto – my calories came from 76% fat, 20% protein and 4% carbs. Oh my… what a change. I ate a 4 egg omelette with sausage for breakfast. I wasn’t full after eating it. I was content. I had zero ambition to eat anything in the middle of the morning. I always have at least a desire to find something to tide me over until lunch. Well, lunch came around – I ate 3 beef hot dogs (not too creative, but it got the job done) without buns – and a salad with olive oil vinegar dressing. Again – I had zero desire to eat between lunch and dinner. Dinner – I stopped at Hardee’s on my way to Bible study tonight, and bought a lettuce wrap burger. NO FRIES! And get this, not only did I ask them to add bacon, I brought my own mozzarella cheese to put on top. I don’t like cheese.. cheese is evil. Yet, mozzarella has always been the exception to an extent. It’s on pizza, for crying out loud.. I can stomach mozzarella.

Well, I got through the first day. Well under my normal calorie intake – and feeling very satisfied. I’ve got my lunch packed up for tomorrow (a sardine salad with avocado… yum!).. I’m expecting the carb cravings to really kick in within a few days. But the experiment continues..


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