Keto flu

Day 3 is coming to an end. It’s been an interesting last 24hrs. I woke up this morning, and ate my breakfast (a 4 egg omelette with sausage, and a glass of coconut/almond milk). Then after showering, I stepped on the scale (a daily routine) and did a double take.. I’d lost 4 lbs. My weight (already low) has been VERY steady over the last 3 or 4 months. I stepped off the scale and hopped on again and got the same result. Well.. when the body doesn’t have to burn / metabolize carbohydrates – it gets rid of excess water that it usually needs. So I’ve essentially lost 4 lbs of water weight..ok, I can handle that.

I’ve stuck with the meal plans I’ve made. Everything from bunless burgers and rotisserie chicken with mayo (yuck), and yesterday I had a sardine and avocado salad for lunch (this was delicious). I’ve had zero desire to snack between meals. And overall, I’ve felt pretty good…

Then this evening, I noticed myself kinda blanking out.. and having to think to myself “what was it I was doing.” Just kind of feeling confused and foggy. Well, I think my body is starting to say, “ok Jon – this was cute the first couple days.. Where the hell are the carbs!??” They’re all around me, I tell myself.. and I’m trying like hell to avoid em.. I’m not hungry, but I miss the taste – I miss the sweet and the crunchy goodness of carb loaded snacks. At church supper tonight, my sister law brought bars – one of them being chocolate peanut butter bars, made with town house crackers in the middle… OH, DID THESE LOOK GOOD! Salty, sweet….. “no thanks, I can’t have any..”

I’m gonna press on and figure that this is all part of the process, and that this is a good sign – I’m doing something right. My body should kick into ketosis soon, I’m told.. And I hope so. Because all of a sudden, a bowl of cereal and an ice cream cone sound real good…. I think they do.. actually, I’m confused. Not sure what point I was trying to make… Where am I?


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